Day 27: recuperation

The very first cancelled session a fortnight ago – a suspected spider bite while putting on a glove led to a prolonged downing of tools. A storm spooked the dog, who as well as emptying two chocolate advent calendars, howled all night. So today, I gingerly started carving feeling a bit fragile, with a be-gloved hand over the chisel. After a two mile walk to the stone, I could not start at all without consuming half my day’s food.

We are a year on from the first session, and Northwood is bleak when the wind rises and no-one is around. The climate warmed with the Chichester Conservation Volunteers busy across the field, planting oaks in stony ground.

Four carvers today; and the last visitors made the day – they were keen to enquire and participate before moving on as dusk rolled in.

The cloud was down over the hill on the return to Bignor and rain starting to fall.

Next  carving Sat 12th and Sun 13th between 10 and 2ish.

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