The Belloc Family: a Slindon destiny

In discovering links with a place whilst waiting to see what emerges in a sculpture, I find the absence of tangible Belloc references in the parish (other than the odd plaque) interesting as the cultural connection seems so intense. I question whether this might be Continue reading

Hilaire Belloc & Slindon: spirit of place

A full text of this post in the published book.

A blue plaque to the writer, poet and walker Hilaire Belloc (1870-1953; seen here flanked by George Bernard Shaw and G.K. Chesterton) lies at Gumber Farm, just to the north of our Rise of Northwood location.

Remember the stone and tree planting start on the weekend of 29/30th November.

Archive of Belloc and his publications from a Belloc Society blog here.


Timelord musings

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1739 Records of the Old Charlton Hunt (Earl of March, 2013)

Leading up to the start of a new carving (and with my youngest at home with Chickenpox) the artist can behave like a web Timelord, swooping in on 500 years of published evocative happenings and on historic analyses of the 1500 years before that.

More of this diary entry is the published Journal.

Come and be involved – 29/30th November

We start the stone on Saturday 29th November!

It will be a great weekend of National Trust activity. See the Where&When page above for details.

Free refreshments and tractor transport to the site, but you need to tell NT you are coming!

In the meantime, visit the stone at Slindon Forge and pick up the details of this first work weekend. There are some new wall displays of other public sculpture by this artist that you can see elsewhere in Sussex and Surrey.

What can you see in the block now? It is an interesting object already, formed 150 million years ago and quite clearly showing some of its make-up if you are prepared to look.