Come and be involved – 29/30th November

We start the stone on Saturday 29th November!

It will be a great weekend of National Trust activity. See the Where&When page above for details.

Free refreshments and tractor transport to the site, but you need to tell NT you are coming!

In the meantime, visit the stone at Slindon Forge and pick up the details of this first work weekend. There are some new wall displays of other public sculpture by this artist that you can see elsewhere in Sussex and Surrey.

What can you see in the block now? It is an interesting object already, formed 150 million years ago and quite clearly showing some of its make-up if you are prepared to look.

Slindon Forge; Tues 4th Nov 6.50am

2014-11-04 08.32.51This snap was taken on the lane as the sun came up – signalling an auspicious day.

We were fortunate to have photographer Anne Purkiss drop by and capture developments on her way to an early meeting with Pallant Gallery; she has been documenting Faces of the South Downs since 2002.

Oldridge’s lorry gets ready for action, supervised by Northwood Project Ranger Hannah Woodhouse.P1020427

If you pass Slindon Forge, stop and see what’s new!