Day 26: excretion

2015-11-08 09.47.06More of this post in the published book.

I arrived in low mist to our starting location of one year earlier to be greeted by a poo bag hanging on ones of the hurdles around the stone, in a location two miles from civilisation. What possesses certain dog owners?

A gruelling day; only two visitors passing to converse all day and therefore much chiselling of the toughest, gnarliest part of the block was achieved – I was fit for nothing but a very slow walk to Norewood Lane by the time dusk drew in early. 2015-11-08 09.50.41The young trees around me were in good health – yew, hornbeam, oak, hazel, birch and dogwood were all thriving, perhaps at greater spacing now than their planted density.


Back carving in Northwood Sunday 22nd November; possibly Thursday 12th if dry.

One thought on “Day 26: excretion

  1. Great to see all the small detail! What’s the name of that moth? And what are you going to do about the algae – in the long term?
    From a photographer’s point of view – it’s time for some ‘fixed point’ photography of the whole piece as it’s being finished in it’s ultimate location – with some of the saplings in the background. Can you try and replicate the positions of some of the first pictures?
    I do hope that there will be a publication on the project – in which case these pictures would be a fitting ‘beginning and end of the story’.
    Besides – you could always follow into Andy Goldsworthy’s steps and record the life of the sculpture year after year, with the wood growing up around it (and the children growing up next to it)… Keep it going! Anne


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