No Man’s Land (Part 2) – The Dawtrys

A full text on this Dawtrys post is in the published book.

Evocative developments around a name occur as language and pronunciation change. We saw Dawtry’s Hooks – a small woodland – in a previous post about No Man’s Land here. This map of 1724 shows no Man’s Land in green. There are many places with this name where parishes meet.

Slindon Budgen 1723
This 1805 map below shows Dawtry’s Hooks at the top right of the former expanse of North Wood before ownership was fragmented and parts of the Forest lost to logging then agriculture (Six Ways is evident just above the ‘W’). Dawtrys occupies the top bit of the green to the right of the Rape boundary in the earlier map. 

Slindon1805 Northwood

And here is a modern LIDAR map, which shows what underlies Dawtrys woodland:NoMansLand

2015-09-18 10.59.06

So what were the Hooks? Something to do with Justice? Or a reference to the shape of the woodland when mapped? Make contact if you know more.

Back at Slindon on 18th October, 1/2  mile from the Northwood carpark!