Day 32: fitting

On arriving at Norewood Lane in the drizzle, I chanced upon a family returning to see the stone, having carved 12 months ago – pictured here. We walked together to the stone and talked about the forms and which side the block would have been on when they last carved. I tried to capture a picture when they were all deep in their chiselling. As I looked through the screen, I was taken aback – the parental interaction mirrored that which has developed in the stone. An affirming feeling.

2016-01-10 10.48.17

The plinth is now constructed and starting to harden off behind its protective wooden structure. Another budding carver arrived and worked as an able apprentice for several hours until the brightness suddenly disappeared at 3pm. The sky darkened and we fled across the fields amidst a stinging hailstorm, a fitting end to the very last weekend public carving session.

Come and see the sculpture and plinth united at the free half-term NT event on Wednesday February 17th! For details, see here.
2016-01-10 10.35.052016-01-10 14.32.48

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