Day 31: Inertia

2016-01-06 12.14.18With the New Year in, a break of 14 days ends enforced Christmas stoppages. There is absolute silence in Northwood – no long tailed tits or buzzards today – and the one human I see in the afternoon is out purely to  visit the stone.

Bright sun breaks through at one o’clock, ending the creative inertia that a month’s low light has cast. The stone responds, the forms illuminated and the light and shade enhanced for a brief spell. The sculptor’s partial hibernation is rudely disturbed and mood improved.

A new and perhaps essential figure is emerging late, low down in the block. With the stone close to its final resting place, my work is approaching the end, and it is time for you to don wellies and make the effort to visit and respond.

Next carving Sunday 10th Jan; diary 17th February when a half-term midweek treeplanting event will celebrate the – your – stone.   

One thought on “Day 31: Inertia

  1. Feel a poignancy about the last day of the Stone carving. Even tho’ we only made one visit, Stone’s presence is beyond Northwood.
    Dedicated work, Jon. Thank you for bringing it into being.


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