Day 25 – Modern life

2015-10-24 16.03.16

A hard day opening up and removing a lot of stone, to find form; the normal quiet percussive tap of the medieval stone worker was replaced by generator power for the blade. Keeping the block’s upper surface unworked became impossible with the realisation that emerging forms would be far less strong. The worked surface seen above is of larger sheared or snapped sections made possible by a narrow cut furrow on either side, rather than from a combination of chisel and release from each mallet strike, which is visible in the second picture.

Noticeable that a Saturday here has less walkers generally than a Sunday, but a few stopped and wanted to continue with the tools, or catch up on progress from a previous location.

2015-10-24 12.30.25

A pilgrimage to Gumber began after lunch, travellers with bags trekking the mile to the overnight car-free seclusion of the Bothy – a contemplative place where the senses can return after overload.

Just before I left, several returned southward, seeking the Rugby match showing in Arundel’s Red Lion.

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