Day 23: Midges

2015-09-19 10.48.32Midges in the wood were a constant irritation today in the alternate light and shade. I scratch my legs as I type the following morning. The better weather saw far more passers-by than last Saturday, with perhaps 35 engaging with the stone, a few less actually carving. Amongst those, some from Chichester, Angmering, Barnham, London and more locally.

2015-09-19 15.50.05The forms of adult and child planters with guiding hands are developing quite strongly now at one end. So much so that there are now areas I need to remove to let the remaining stone ‘push’ forward ; in this photo, between the back of the shoulder of the large figure, and the canopy of the symbolic tree; a sign of what was lost, perhaps.

The light levels are so low that the energised mallet action – the power force behind the block being reduced – is obvious in all todays shots. Many hands make light work? It certainly shows that anything is possible with absolute persistence. Don’t fret about the end result – just keep believing it is possible.

I am carving a limewood relief during a residency at a Herefordshire exhibition before I see you next on Sunday 18th October at Longbeet, 1/2 mile from the Northwood car park.

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