Day 21: Obscure

2015-08-31 15.01.06aThe cloud cover did not lift until well after lunchtime; passing walkers and cyclists stoically moved past with little eye contact and damp shoes. As Palmyra, one of the world’s creative wonders, is lost due to mankind’s infighting, I wonder whether creative expression – that stuff which makes us human – will, in time, rise above the violence and criminal action. Remnants of the past may sadly disappear, but memories will remain and new works – and hope – will eventually emerge.

Two younger carvers today pictured below – Annabel (5) and Harry. Two walkers groups; ladies doing the entire South Downs Way and a contingent from Broadbridge Heath connected to a church there with links to a sculptor I happen to have been researching, Edward Bainbridge Copnall. One member commented later:

I am delighted that we were allowed to have a go and though we were not particularly creative, the ‘feel’ of the chisel against the stone was surprisingly easy. I am inspired to do some more.

Two visiting cameramen today; long distance walker and writer Keith Foskett  (pictured atop) and Paul Miller, whose acquaintance I made in 2013 whilst working on the NT Hindhead stone Portal, and whose actions brought about this film of its creation.

Another short piece of film here shows my thoughts on the forms emerging today. The stone now moves to 6 Ways, on Stane Street at the boundary of Eartham Wood. Next carving Sat 12th Sept 10- 4!

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