Day 20: Ambiguity

2015-08-15 13.45.29detail

After a week teaching at West Dean Summer School, I am back on the stone briefly before readying canoes for Norfolk for a 6am leave next morning. One visitor today remarked that he could never work out what was emerging from sculptures before they were finished; I hope that this stone will require time to reveal its imagery even WHEN it is finished, as it makes life so much richer when you have to search a little. A bit like my hazy photo above taken today. 40 carvers from Billingshurst, Cambridge, Coldwaltham, London and Bognor today. Including a long distance walker, writer and blogger (and friend from Junior School days), Keith Foskett, whose latest book accounts his experience on the Appalachian Trail.

Gratifying to hear from the National Trust Head Ranger, Mark, that they have discovered a historic Northwood beech pollard that looks much like the tree-like corner of the emergent stone. That had been starting to signify my remnant of times past; much of the rest of the stone I think may alert to landscapes new. See you on Monday 31st August – last carving day at Bignor before the stone moves to Six Ways, Eartham Wood.

One thought on “Day 20: Ambiguity

  1. Hi Jon, We were with you in the rain yesterday (31.08.15) and didn’t think to tell you who we were. I am delighted that we were allowed to have a go and though we were not particularly creative, the ‘feel’ of the chisel against the stone was surprisingly easy. I am inspired to do some more. We were a group of Bank Holiday walkers from St John’s Church Broadbridge Heath and the lad you photographed was Harry. It made an impression on him too.
    Thank you
    Bob Silver


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