Day 19: teeth

2015-08-01 15.52.47As your scutch comb teeth crack off, the chisel becomes more efficient per remaining tooth, but the urge to change the comb still grows. This felt poignant in the heat as I gently tongued the hole where my wisdom tooth was removed the day before. Visitors to the stone were again diverse; today about 60 including those from Munich, New Zealand, Bury, Liphook, Chiddingfold, Yapton, Worthing, Sutton and Hampshire. At the end of the day, families were unpacking rucksacks from cars ready for the short trek to the Gumber Bunk Barn overnight stop. Who needs France when you have the South Downs on your doorstep?

One corner of the stone is now starting to feel like one of the old veterans of North Wood, lost to the loggers. The hands continue to develop downwards to the earth, and not one but two bodies seem to be growing in the end face. The back face has a dominant horizontal which could go in the direction of another figure, if it can somehow join with the arm in the same area.  May work. May not.

2015-08-01 11.39.27 text

Pausing, the cream glint of Burton Park shines out of the plain below; Petworth House on the knoll in the distance. Capability Brown ‘improved’ both parkland landscapes, but his work at the former is little known. The tercentenary of his birth is next year, and I will be working on a posthumous sculpture head; see here.

See you again on Sat 15th!

One thought on “Day 19: teeth

  1. There’s something fascinating about sculptors’ tools, and how they’re are ‘sculpted’ in the process of making a sculpture…
    (I was going to add a picture from another sculptors’ studio to prove the point, but WordPress won’t let me).


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