Day 17: Baaaaa Bzzzzzz

If was difficult to make out the stone for sheep, when entering Gumber’s home field and walking down across the Iron Age lynchets, signs of a long lost agriculural cultivation. A quiet, hot day. All the Friday night Bothy visitors came to carve, but passing traffic was minimal except for the sheep and wasps; the latter visiting the wooden hurdle top rails to forage for cellulose for nest building. (or rather, that was my supposition – they were otherwise uncommunicative). The stone was uncomfortable to work by the end of the day and I turned for home on the dot of 4 after some new bothy arrivals had contributed a chisel mark or two and continued on their late afternoon walk, relieved of their back-packs.  25 visitors today from London, Basingstoke, Petworth and Hove amongst others. I relish the forthcoming turn of the block; I sense it could be the last and wonder what the forms might show. Next we move to Bignor Hill on 7th – first carving day there 18th July!

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