Day 10: Sun and fun

Sunday 12th had a cool wind but mostly hot sun, and sun lotion would have been a good idea. Many family groups were out, and gentle queuing was in operation at peak times! Around lunchtime tends to quieten down, so remember for the future dates.

We discussed the emerging forms, and the fact that one person might see something completely different from another. One observation of a seated person (see right, below) was made.2015-04-12 16.31.04a I countered that it might not be so appropriate for a carving seeking to celebrate ‘growth’, as it was quite queen-like in its stance, rather than a figure which might be getting its hands dirty planting? However, when someone replied – ‘well, it might be one of the archbishops’, I had that little cold spine tingle – that is the sort of thing which is contributed from outside the sculptor but remains in the mind. Elsewhere the blog draws upon the centuries long struggle between the church and the gentry – Slindon and Arundel – over rights in areas such as Northwood. More in that continuing story soon.

The ‘hands’ arriving on day 9 (left of picture) remain, and could be useful for another figure, but very much depending on which face the block will finally sit upon.

A suggestion of suitable food to bring on a return trip to the stone was made… rock buns. Can anyone improve on that?

Our block will be moving soon.

Next carving Saturday 2nd & Monday 4th of May Bank Holiday weekend. 15 mins further down the track from the Park Lane car park, near the ‘other’ Slindon Woods car park.

One thought on “Day 10: Sun and fun

  1. Hi Sammy, Mike and boys, Here’s Jon’s website with you boys on it. Jon decided the bit we all did looked like emerging hands. He said your carving, boys, gave him the idea for their shape. Go to ‘carving sessions’, then ‘photohistory’ from the 3 line menu at the top then click on the little pics right at at the end and you should emerge!

    See you hooefully next week Love  Granny Mx

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