Parks and power: Slindon and Arundel – Part 1

Our Northwood stone sits close to boundary lands which have subtly shifted over the last 1000 years.The wider historic Northwood landscape revolved around authority, and as we shall see in future posts, the struggle for power. The Normans brought their desire for hunting to Britain and both Arundel and Slindon had medieval parks that could allow evocative views of deer and the landscape scene – and the perception of hunting – to be appreciated without having to struggle beyond a warm room.

More of this post in the published book.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 20.31.55

woodcut from Le Livre de Roy Modus (1354-1376)


Part 2 here

Old Sussex Mapped project here

2 thoughts on “Parks and power: Slindon and Arundel – Part 1

  1. What an interesting and informative read !
    Anyone with a love of landscape will enjoy this . geographers can get their wellies on and ‘Hoskyns’ book out for refresh , while cpre and rambler types can just have a good look and marvel,must forward the details to old pals in far flung places who remember summer walks on the downs .


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